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Design has an ever-increasing, impactful role in our daily lives. It informs, persuades, suggests, helps, crafts, engages and touches people every day. Weightshift has a role in that design canon, helping digitally minded companies, their users and audience, and most importantly, people, interact with each other in ways that are beneficial to both.

Weightshift is an independent, agile, and people-driven studio in San Francisco and Chicago. The studio encompasses and provides a range and variety of capabilities within the realms of design, development, content and ideation. Our clients are some of the best in the industry.

The studio is: Naz Hamid (Principal & Design), Scott Robbin (Code & Development) and Jen Schuetz (Dollars & Sense). These are the things that guide our way and these are the things we get up to.

The Studio

  • Naz Hamid
    Principal & Design
  • Scott Robbin
    Code & Development
  • Jen Schuetz
    Dollars & Sense

The Studio Guidebook

10 Things that Guide Our Way


Speaking, publications, &c.



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